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FARM JOB: SAANICH, BC – Longview Farms

Posted by Moss Dance on October 03, 2017

Longview Farms

Longview Farms has job openings for people who are passionate about farming and local food security to join our crew over the winter and into next season. About Longview Farms Longview Farms is a progressive grower and shipper of quality fresh-cut daffodils and daffodil bulbs as well as a wide variety of Certified Organic fruit and vegetable crops grown in both the fields and greenhouses. We have expanded our food crop varieties and acreage each year to well over 60ha (150acres) of Certified Organic land in the rotation with further expansion planned for future seasons. Our farm is located in the municipality of … Continue reading FARM JOB: SAANICH, BC – Longview Farms

Ecological Farm Internships: Modes, Experiences, and Justice

Posted by Moss Dance on August 15, 2017

Ecological Farm Internships

We are excited to share this report on ecological farm internships edited by Charles Z. Levkoe and Michael Ekers. Contributors to the report are farmers, past interns, non-profit organizations, and lawyers. The goal of the report is to “assess the implications and trajectories of the non-monetary exchanges of labour and education, among other things, taking place on ecological farms.” Read the report here: Ecological Farm Internships – Models, Experiences and Justice – Levkoe and Ekers (Interactive) The report takes a broad view of ecological farm internships—accounting for the need for labour on small farms, the educational benefits, as well as the risks and drawbacks … Continue reading Ecological Farm Internships: Modes, Experiences, and Justice