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Lessons Learned: Two Roads Farm

Posted by Kristen Nammour on November 20, 2017

Business Mentorship network new farmers at two roads farm grow a luscious and colourful cover crop

We’re checking back in with our B.C. Business Mentorship Network participants to see how their seasons have gone and how mentorship has benefitted them. Name, Farm, Location? Sam Croome and Emily Anderson at Two Roads Farm on Denman Island. What were your goals for this season and how did you work to achieve those? Goal 1: Increase our income (both gross and net, to allow us to pay ourselves more than a parking meter) – We worked with our mentor to identify low hanging fruit to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. We implemented some of these, like buying potting soil in bulk rather than mixing … Continue reading Lessons Learned: Two Roads Farm

Denman Island: TreeEater Farm & Nursery 2015 Apprenticeship

Posted by Sara Dent on January 14, 2015

mag and giant beet

TreeEater Farm and Nursery (Magdalene and Peter and Co.) are putting a call out for an apprentice farmer starting spring 2015. Get in touch if your interested, and please share this with any folks you know who might be looking for such an opportunity. Email us at treeeaterfarmandnursery@gmail.com. About our farm: Main Production: 1) Vegetables, Fruits and value added products for weekly CSA boxes. 2) Nursery plants: Fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes and fruiting vines 3) Development of gardens, orchards, pastures, building. We are still very much growing and evolving the farm. This year we are exited about continuing our … Continue reading Denman Island: TreeEater Farm & Nursery 2015 Apprenticeship