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Business Mentorship – Lessons Learned: ‘Hawthorn Creek Farm’

Posted by Kristen Nammour on December 14, 2016


Hi, this is Laticia Chapman checking in with YA Business Mentorship Blog #2. I’m going to freestyle it, because my year diverged wildly from my expectations circa last January. I’ve just passed my first anniversary living at my family farm in Tarrys, BC, between Castlegar and Nelson in the West Kootenays. We haven’t settled on a name in any legal sense, but ‘Hawthorn Creek Farm’ is a strong contender. So let me say right off the bat that you’d have to call this season a #farmfail for me, at least in a business sense. My focus for this mentorship was … Continue reading Business Mentorship – Lessons Learned: ‘Hawthorn Creek Farm’