LAND OPPORTUNITY: Paradise Within Farm, Salt Spring Island

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Paradise Within is an “incubator farm” on Salt Spring Island that is in need of a fresh new farmer or two wanting to learn from a seasoned organic market garden farmer.

The farm is roughly 18 acres of mixed permaculture and conventional organic farming. It is endowed with amazing soil, lots of  great water, and an incredible amount of sunlight. We grow a multitude of seasonal vegetables in and out of the greenhouse. The developing Edible Permaculture Display Garden is home to fruit trees; apple primarily, plums, pears, cherry, kiwi and figs. We also grow hazelnuts, sweet chestnuts and a few other nut varieties.


The farm is small and easy to manage at this time; however, it wants to grow. We have a spot in the local Saturday Farm Market and we sell produce to a couple of local stores. The farm is family owned and is volunteer operated by a small community of folks who live on the land. The intention is that community members contribute to developing the land and in turn have their own agricultural pursuits here to create their own sense of self-sustainability.

A part of the 18 acres is leased for hay presently, we have a small market garden which we’d like to increase in size. We have a greenhouse that last year enabled us to cultivate an abundance of tomatoes, basil, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, and medicinal plants enough to feed the community and sell to locals.

Farmer at Paradise Within Farm


Paradise Within Farm is seeking a young farmer or a young couple/family  who are wanting to make farming their life and livelihood. Perhaps without the resources to buy land (although there is an investment option down the road) but with the desire, drive and some knowledge to create and cultivate a beautiful farm.

We have a number of ways in which a farmer can become involved in the farm and the land overall and we are open to proposals and negotiations. There is modest housing available on the farm and a natural building workshop planned for the farm this summer to help us create new communal buildings. We are set to grow in that regard.


There is definitely a call to join the community for those who know that that is what they want. Presently, we are six community members plus the family of four. Interested Paradise Within Farm Community members are asked to work on farm day. This is not exclusive to farming food, and also includes developing the farm community and infrastructure itself.  With that they pay $300 in farm dues and they are fed on the day that they work. If they choose they can work two farm days – one of those days can be dedicated to their own venture (based on approval of community and benefit to the farm). With that they pay $150 in farm dues and are fed on the two days that they work. If they work more than three days all fees are waived and we feed them everyday. We all share in the making of meals and the upkeep of the community infrastructure.

We do have a mentorship program with a long time Gulf Island organic farmer, who also consults on farming in Cuba and has a passion for farming and the place. He is looking to pass on his knowledge and to have an eager apprentice to work with him. He has been involved in a number of farm activist groups including Mad Farmers Liberation Front and Pollination for the Nation.


There are many opportunities to grow into faming and community here at Paradise Within Farm. If you are interested, please contact Carlos Grooms at


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