Land Opportunity: Dawson Creek, BC

Posted by Dana Penrice on April 25, 2018


About the Land

This beautiful piece of land is located near Bay Tree, Alberta, this property is 20 minutes east of Dawson Creek close to the BC/Alberta border. It includes a quarter section with cleared and treed areas. The owner is currently growing Haskaps and raising chickens for meat, eggs and hatching eggs. There are lots of opportunities for new enterprises to make money. 


About the Opportunity

The land owner is looking for a young couple that hasn’t started a family yet to work alongside with the opportunity to buy into the land after a set period of time. There is a separate residence that would be available for rent in the meantime.

If off-farm income is necessary, there are plenty of opportunities in the areas which is growing fast. This also means more potential farm customers in the future. The owner is currently marketing into local markets but would like to expand and grow more things to sell at market.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in the farming lifestyle and learning more about this opportunity contact Karen Guillette at

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