JOB: P/T Farm Help, Square Root Farm, Central Saanich, BC

Posted by Kristen Nammour on April 30, 2015

Square Root Fields

Square Root Farm is hiring one more part time team-member to round out our crew this year.

Our farm is entering it’s 10th season of production on our two-acre field just north of Victoria in Central Saanich. We are certified-organic and much of our growing techniques are adapted to our small farm footprint, which means most of the work is done by hand with care and precision.  Harvesting, weeding and planting are all done by hand, but we use tractors and other small equipment for the heaviest jobs like soil cultivation. Our farm is small, but we concentrate on efficient production of a steady supply of veggies so our days are often busy and fast-moving to keep up with our schedule.  We sell at a farmers’ market and, through Saanich Organics (a local farmers’ marketing cooperative), to several restaurants.


Square Root Farm onion dudes

Our small team takes care of all the planting, weeding, harvesting, washing and packaging of our crops. As part of our farm team you will learn many essential farming skills. You’ll be working mostly out in the fields but also inside the greenhouse and in the washing and packing area. Many of the daily jobs take a long time and can be repetitive, but we don’t work alone and we try to have a good time doing it.  Pay starts at $12/hr plus access to our popular “free veggie store” in the cold room!

Your duties will include things like:

  • cleaning and preparing harvest tools
  • picking and bunching crops to order
  • washing and packaging vegetables for market and restaurants
  • seeding and planting crops out into the soil
  • weeding by hand and with hand tools
  • seeding vegetables in the greenhouse

We’re looking for a person who:

  • has some kind of related experience and can work hard with the team in any weather
  • can work our three most important days each week, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • is self-directed (but there’s always somebody nearby for guidance)
  • can help for the full season, right through October
  • really likes vegetables

Square Root Farm seedling house
Tell us why you’re interested– email us a resume and cover letter at –we look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more about Square Root Farm:

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