Grow Your Full Potential! Victoria Aquaponics Spring Workshop Series

Posted by Jess Brown on February 28, 2014

Aquaponics is HOT!

In simple terms, aquaponics is a recirculating system that raises fish and grows vegetables in one integrated living system.

This unique approach to growing food provides higher yields and requires much less labor and inputs than soil based farming.  Whether you’re a farmer or a home gardener, aquaponics provides fun and effective solutions for growing tasty local food. Join us in exploring the what’s why’s and how’s.

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Victoria Aquaponics and Mason Street Farm are offering a workshop series this march. Participants will experience aquaponics in action and gain the confidence to design, build, start-up and maintain their own home or small commercial system.


Aquaponics 101: An Exciting and Thorough Introduction
March 2nd @ The Compost Ed Centre, Victoria BC, $45

This is the essencial 4 hr workshop for the design and function of your own future       system. We will also tour the systems at the Compost Ed Centre and Mason Street Farm.

Details and Registration:


Applied Aquaponics: A Fully Hands on Experience
March 8-9 @ Mason Street City Farm, Victoria BC, $165

Ready to build your own? In this 2 day hands on workshop we will build from the ground up a complete system. We will get it operational and cover all the elements of start-up, maintenance, troubleshooting and plant and fish health.

Details and Registration:


Jesse Brown – Owner of Victoria Aquaponics
Aquaponic Operations Manager at Mason Street City Farm


Julie Vandenbor – Fisheries and Aquaculture Technician
Vancouver Island University

Seth Ellerbeck – Engineer/Designer for Victoria Aquaponics


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