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Horse Power at Wildwod Farm

By Tim and Linda Ewert, Wildwood Farm

“We are looking for energetic, passionate, co-operatively minded farmers to participate in a three-month residency on a 160 acre mixed farm in Northeastern B.C. In 1974, we homesteaded the land and now wish to retire in place while seeing the farm thrive in an atmosphere of co-operation. We hope that an organic, ecologically regenerative, partially horse-powered farming community will evolve from this residency. If this idea appeals to you, please go to for details and contact information.”

We came to the Peace Region as a young couple to build a farm from scratch, where we could raise our family and live in a place that still had natural wild areas. It has been our intention to farm in an ecologically sound way, believing that we must be careful not to remove more than we return. Over the years, we worked to realize our dream of using draft horses for as much of our mechanized work as possible. Working with horses has helped keep us grounded to the land by setting a non-industrial pace.

Wildwood Farm

We feel that this farm (160 acres—approximately half of which is in natural forest) has the potential to support more than one family. We would be happy to be able to share this way of life with other committed, hard working, joyful people. 

Farm succession can happen in many ways, but ultimately, we would like to create a model for older farmers who wish to retire in place on their farms while providing an opportunity for new farmers to access land more affordably.

We would also like this to be a model for people to work well together, and for experienced farmers to be able to share their knowledge and their skills as well as land to promote healthy farms and vibrant communities for the future.

Wildwood FarmSo we begin with an invitation, a call to see who is out there that feels curious and compelled to build common values into an alternative social and farming structure.

It can take time to find a team that works and lives well together. Therefore, our residency is just the beginning of our effort to find committed people interested in Wildwood’s evolution toward a community farm.

To learn more about our vision for the farm; to better understand our thoughts behind this residency; to learn more about the opportunities we see here for new farmers; or to contact us, please visit our website:

~ Tim and Linda Ewert

Tim and Linda Wildwood Farm

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