JOB: Saanich, BC – Administrator & Box Program Coordinator, Saanich Organics

Posted by Moss Dance on October 14, 2016

Farm Job Saanich Organics

We are looking for reliable, organized people for our commercial division admin and our box coordinator positions.  For the right applicant, these positions could be combined, and would then be roughly 25-30 hrs/week in peak season.

Commercial Division Administration

You will be the “face” of Saanich Organics for all our commercial customers (40+ restaurants and grocers in the Victoria area). This position is responsible for compiling all farm offerings on a twice-weekly basis, and then communicating with chefs and grocers to sell the produce (as well as planning which produce will go in the box program), and finally re-organizing the sales into the harvest orders for each farmer. This role requires clear, concise communication with the farmers, plus good communication and a friendly personality for dealing with all our commercial customers (as well as knowledge of the produce).

Other required skills include proficiency in Microsoft Excel, general comfort and competence using a computer and learning new software (Farmigo and MailChimp), graphic and writing skills an asset, and the ability to work independently, take charge and troubleshoot.

On average expect to spend 12-20* hours per week managing our commercial sales and harvest orders (this includes working from home, as well as packing orders and printing invoices on Monday & Thursday evenings for 3-4 hours).

Farm Job Saanich Organics

Saanich Organics Box Coordinator

You will be the “face” of Saanich Organics for all our box customers (~150 households in the Victoria area).  You will be the main contact for all potential, new, and existing box customers and as such you will be expected to respond to inquiries, requests, payment entries, and delivery issues in a polite and timely manner. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating the delivery list, keeping track of the boxes, and communicating with the delivery drivers, admin, and owners of Saanich Organics.

The Box Coordinator is someone who takes charge and has the initiative to ensure our box customers are happy and well taken care of.  This position requires flexibility, attentiveness to detail, problem solving, good communication, a very high level of organization, proficient computer skills, and excellent customer service skills.  In particular, the Box Coordinator has a good understanding of Microsoft Excel (or a comparable software such as Google Sheets), is able to manage a busy email account, and is confident at using online “help” support to solve problems.

On average expect to spend 10-12* hours per week managing our box program (this includes managing the box program from home, as well as packing veggie boxes on Monday & Thursday evenings for 3-4 hours).

*Note that hours shift seasonally, with very little work in January, and may increase with promotions, etc (ie. Winter Abundance Box).

For more info visit:

To apply, please email with a resume and cover letter.

Farm Job Saanich Organics

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