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Posted by Moss Dance on May 16, 2016

Farm Job Farmlands Trust Victoria


Established in 2008, the Farmlands Trust (Greater Victoria) Society [FLT Society] is a charitable not-for- profit society interested in preserving farmland and protecting local food security in Greater Victoria. The FLT Society’s mission is to enhance farming capacity in the Greater Victoria area by protecting local farmland, protecting eco-sensitive and culturally special areas, producing food for those in need, providing relevant educational opportunities, promoting the economic viability of farmland, and providing community access and public awareness programs. Through our work, the FLT Society liaises with a diverse community: Greater Victoria farming community; First Nations communities in Greater Victoria; Government (municipal, provincial, federal); food banks, senior centers, drop-in centers for persons in need in society; non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in stewardship, heritage, agriculture and/or nature conservancy; and academia.

In October 2015, the FLT Society formalized a 10 year license agreement with the District of Central Saanich regarding the agricultural stewardship of the Newman Farm property in Saanichton, BC notably, since 2013 to present, our Society advances a “field to plate” initiative at this historic Farm where FLT Society grows, harvests and donates local vegetables to those in need in the Greater Victoria area.

The FLT Society is currently seeking proposals from qualified applicants to manage Newman Farm during the 2016 farming season specifically, from award of contract to October 31, 2016.

Farm Job Farmlands Trust Victoria - Field to plate at Newman Farm


  • Management of the FLT Society one-acre vegetable garden plot which is located on the westerly portion of Newman Farm in Saanichton, BC. This includes:
  1. preparing designated acreage for the 2016 farming cycle (i.e., determining crop types/selection) based on available personnel (paid and volunteer) and soil analyses;
  2. identifying planting design(s) (e.g., mounded rows, flat ground rows, raised beds) and engage in said planting on designated acreage for the 2016 farming cycle based on available personnel (paid and volunteer);
  3. growing crops as part of the “field to plate” initiative at Newman Farm where the FLT Society donates local vegetables to those in need (e.g., Our Place Society and related organizations in the Greater Victoria area). Newman Farm is a “transition organic” farm and is not registered;
  4. coordinating irrigation and drainage activities to ensure peak efficiency, and coordinating regular preventative maintenance related to same;
  5. coordinating harvesting on designated acreage for 2016 farming cycle based on available personnel (paid and volunteer); and
  6. winterizing designated acreage for 2016 farming cycle based on available personnel (paid and volunteer).
  • Document 2016 Newman Farm activities. This includes, but is not limited to, people (volunteers and contractors) and their effectiveness; area farmed and associated acreage; farm techniques utilized; irrigation system utilization, performance and maintenance; harvest and volume; seeds and varieties, prices, yields; soils and manure used; mulch and weed management; pests and diseases; distribution (specifically, name and address of product receivers); and lessons learned (what worked and what did not work).
  • Document resource list and associated comments. This includes, but is not limited to, volunteers; municipal contacts, concerns and suggestions for the future; rules and policies used and required; gate keys and access; parking; communications; equipment; and recommendations for the 2017 farming season.
  • Communicate and work with designated FLT Society representatives as required. This includes…
  1. attending FLT Society Board of Directors’ meeting providing updates on farmland management at Newman Farm;
  2. attending Greater Victoria farmland-related community events at the request of the FLT Society and subject to your availability;
  3. providing updates on Newman Farm in the form of taking photos and documenting experiences on the property for subsequent posting on the FLT Society website, Facebook and Twitter with information, photos and any other media; and
  4. maintain a 2016 schedule and calendar to aid in the coordination of volunteers to assist in designated work parties and related events at the Farm.
  •  Engage in administrative duties related to farmland management. This includes…
  1. working with designated FLT Society representatives in 2016 farmland planning, budgeting and accounting in the form of tracking expenses and inventory for farmland management activities for the 2016 farming season;
  2. acquiring necessary farm equipment for the 2016 farming season; and
  3. schedule and oversee the work of FLT Society volunteers and approved contractors who engage in work at the Farm.


  • The successful proponent will enter into an agreement with the FLT Society having the status of an independent contractor and that nothing in the contract agreement will constitute said proponent as an agent, partner or employee of the FLT Society for any purpose; and
  • The successful proponent will directly report to the FLT Society Chair (or designate) to provide status reports of the above mentioned farm management deliverables at Newman Farm for the duration of the contract.


The management contract will commence from Award of Contract and expire October 31, 2016.

Farm Job Farmlands Trust Victoria


Respondents shall have experience, skills and a proven history of positive outcomes in the following areas:

  • Management of a small-scale organic farm;
  • Farming for a vegetable farm of at least one acre in size;
  • Financial and administrative reporting;
  • Collaboration and communication with not-for-profit board of directors or related management teams;
  • A self-starter and self-directed;
  • Have an understanding of the agricultural industry and organic growing methods as it applies to southern Vancouver Island; and
  • Demonstrated resource capacity to meet the requirements of the RFP.


  • Driver’s license is an asset.
  • Any related post-secondary education.
  • Willingness to be involved in FLT Society-coordinated events and related campaigns to promote Newman Farm.
  • Knowledge of local government.
  • Willingness to be part of a vibrant local food-oriented community.


  • No relocation is available and only local residents will be considered at this time.
  • No on-site housing is available.
  • This is a professional services contract opportunity. Temporary/seasonal employment will not be considered for this opportunity.
  • A Criminal Record Check (CRC) is required upon hire.


The FLT Society has a maximum budget of $8,500.00 allocated for this opportunity.

As this is a professional services contract opportunity, the successful proponent will be responsible for and pay all costs of conducting his/her business, including, but not limited to, the expense and responsibility for any applicable insurance or municipal, provincial or federal licenses, permits, taxes or assessments of any kind, except as stated herein.

The successful proponent will be responsible for payment of all business and self-employment taxes, if any, including, but not limited to, income taxes, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance Act contributions, and workers’ compensation premiums. With regards to insurance, the successful proponent will, on request from the FLT Society, provide evidence, satisfactory to the FLT Society, of all of his/her insurance policies providing coverage relating to the services, including any liability policies.


Interested applicants are asked to submit a short proposal (five pages maximum) addressing the following points:

  • Statement of interest and a brief narrative of relevant experience includes farming experience/background, farm management experience/background, farming practices, and rationale for wanting to be involved with the FLT Society and Newman Farm;
  • Budget indicating how the FLT Society funding will be utilized by the applicant (e.g., fees, expenses, etc.);
  • A proposed plan for accomplishing the deliverables for farmland management as outlined in this RFP; and
  • A minimum of two references Names of individuals and their contact coordinates (telephone number and email address) who can attest to relevant projects where similar work was performed.

    Proposals are to be sent directly to for review and consideration by the FLT Society Board of Directors. Reviewing proposals for this RFP start immediately.

    Thank you to all applicants; however, only short-listed individuals/organizations will be contacted.


    Personal information submitted will only be utilized for the purposes of this RFP and is in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    This RFP will remain open until a successful proponent has been retained.

    The FLT Society reserves the right to reject any proposed agreement that does not conform to the specifications contained in this RFP.

    The FLT Society reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted and to require additional information from any submitter.

    The contract resulting from the acceptance of the proposal by the FLT Society shall be in a form approved by the FLT Society Board of Directors, and shall reflect the specifications of the RFP.

    The FLT Society is not be responsible for any costs incurred by the applicant in preparing, submitting or presenting its response to the RFP.

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