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Our questionnaire for young farmers:)

Metchosin, BC: Heather Ramsay on Farming

Posted by Moss Dance on October 17, 2014 2 Comments

Heather with daikon

Heather Ramsay is a young farmer and business partner at Uminami Farm in Metchosin. She wants you to know: “Uminami Farm isn’t just me…it’s owned and co-run by Yoshiko Unno (the boss :-).  We also have three employees (one currently on maternity leave) and a host of volunteers, who are all integral members of the farm family. “ Heather is learning a lot about machinery maintenance at Uminami, and she’ll be sharing her skills and expertise with us at the October 26 Gathering in the Greenhouse at Uminami Farm!  We love this farmer profile format created by the National Farmers’ Union! Check out more inspiring farmer … Continue reading Metchosin, BC: Heather Ramsay on Farming

Farmer Profile: Ayla Fenton, Roots Down Organic Farm

Posted by Sara Dent on July 02, 2014 1 Comment

Save the Date Eastern Ontario

We’re thrilled to be working with young farmer Ayla Fenton from Ontario. Ayla is coordinating a Young Agrarians mixer in her area fall 2014. For more info on the event – check out this blog post: Young Agrarians Eastern Ontario Mixer This profile first appeared on the National Farmers Union blog. Name: Ayla Fenton Age: 24 Farm name: Manager at Roots Down Organic Farm Location: Near Kingston, ON What do you produce? Lots and lots of vegetables! Size of farm? 100+ acre forested property, 15 acres cultivated Number of years farming?  2 Farming background? I grew up in the suburbs, but my parents cultivated a love of the outdoors from a very early age with frequent camping trips … Continue reading Farmer Profile: Ayla Fenton, Roots Down Organic Farm

Muskoka, Ontario: Dan Kretschmar on Farming

Posted by Sara Dent on July 02, 2014 3 Comments


Dan Kretschmar is a young farmer and member of the National Farmers Union. Dan attended the Young Agrarians Vancouver Island Mixer in March 2014. Dan is organizing the first Young Agrarians Mixer in Ontario October 18-19th! The mixer will feature a day-long workshop with rockstar, six-figure, small-lot farmer Jean-Martin Fortier. Name: Dan Kretschmar Age: 29 Farm name: Grenville Farms Location: Severn Bridge (Muskoka), Ontario What do you produce? Organic Vegetables Size of farm? 190 Acres Number of years farming?  15 years give or take a few Farming background? I spent the first 18 years of my life on my family farm. I grew up around sheep and cows, as well as growing vegetables. My mother was one … Continue reading Muskoka, Ontario: Dan Kretschmar on Farming

Hope Farm – Agrariannaire #6

Posted by Mike Dewar on April 06, 2014


New farmer, young farmer, northern farmer, and hero farmer, Andrew Adams was kind enough to take some of his time to tell the Young Agrarians about his personal experiences with farming and life . Andrew, along with his wife Janie operate Hope Farm, which is located about 45 minutes outside Prince George. Hope Farm provides a wide variety of delicious natural foods to the community of Prince George and the surrounding area. They supply the community with locally famous Berkshire pork, duck, eggs, and seasonal garden produce. Hope Farm offers their products through a variety of outlets including restaurants, grocery … Continue reading Hope Farm – Agrariannaire #6

Puddle Produce – The Agrariannaire #5

Posted by Mike Dewar on April 04, 2014 1 Comment

Puddle Produce-4

Brianna Van de Wijngaard is a new farmer,  young farmer, and hero farmer in Williams Lake, BC.  Her farm, Puddle Produce operates on leased land plots using the SPIN model of farming to produce delicious fresh produce for the local community.  Brianna was kind enough to share some of her farming experiences with the Young Agrarians…..  Name? Brianna van de Wijngaard Where you farm? Williams Lake, BC Favourite vegetable or fruit to grow in summer? Beets! They grow really well here, are easy to process for market, and are beautiful! What is your favourite vegetable to grow in the winter? I’ve only … Continue reading Puddle Produce – The Agrariannaire #5

AGRARIANNAIRE #4 With Corissa Lee – Farming in Bella Coola

Posted by Robin Sturley on March 01, 2014 1 Comment

csa crew

YA’er Robin Sturley of Edible Earth Seeds interviewed farmer Corissa Lee, who grows garlic and vegetables in the Bella Coola Valley with fellow organic farmer Corine Singfield. Farming in remote locations has its unique challenges and rewards. Robin caught up with Corissa on a trip to Bella Coola in January 2014. Robin Sturley: What is the name of your farm? Corissa Lee: Our CSA is based on Corine’s farm, which doesn’t really have a name right now….! We’ve called it Monarch Glacier Farm in the past. RS: So it’s not just you on the farm. What’s the setup? CL: Corine’s … Continue reading AGRARIANNAIRE #4 With Corissa Lee – Farming in Bella Coola

Plenty Wild Farms – The Agariannaire #3

Posted by Alyssa Belter on March 01, 2014 3 Comments

Plenty Wild Farms Winter 3

It’s harder to interview your partner than you’d expect, as David and I discovered when we interviewed each other about our farm start-up.  Together, we make up Plenty Wild Farms. We began farming in Agassiz, on land borrowed from The Farm House Natural Cheeses, and recently moved to our own land in Pemberton. Alyssa Belter: So, what’s your name? David Tanner: David Stuart Tanner. No, just David Tanner. David Tanner Junior. Wait, did you just write all that down? No, just David Tanner. Wait, did you just write down all of that? (Laughs). Just David Tanner. Stop typing. Alyssa: Where … Continue reading Plenty Wild Farms – The Agariannaire #3

AGRARIANNAIRE #2 with Jean-Martin Fortier

Posted by Sara Dent on December 19, 2013 1 Comment


YA’er Sara Dent interviewed 35-year old Quebec farmer Jean-Martin Fortier. Jean-Martin is well known for his ecologically productive method of farming that has enabled him, and his partner, Maude Helene Desroches to run a very successful market farm. Jean-Martin is launching the English version of his book Le Jardinier Maraicher (The Market Gardener) January 2014, thanks to a successful FarmStart crowd-sourcing campaign. Jean-Martin will be coming to workshop in BC March 2014. Join us for a workshop in Richmond, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Nelson and Victoria. For workshop info click here!  Young Agrarians (YA): What is the name of your farm? Jean-Martin Fortier (JM): … Continue reading AGRARIANNAIRE #2 with Jean-Martin Fortier

The Agrariannaire #1 with Tristan Cavers

Posted by Sara Dent on January 29, 2013


Better late than never I say. This writing and photography project is from summer 2012. I think it’s still perennial to post since it sure is nice to remember warm sunshine during these winter days. Tristan did the being interviewed part, Darcy interviewed and transcribed, and I photo-ed and later edited. Collaboration rocks. Photos by Sara Dent, from top to bottom of: Golden Ears Fruit Stand, Darcy Smith in the U-pick Strawberry Patch, Strawberries, Tristan Cavers, Le Cows, Paul Matheson, ‘Keep Calm Trot On’ THE AGRARIANNAIRE — #1 Golden Ears Community Farm, Chase BC By: Tristan Cavers, Darcy Smith and … Continue reading The Agrariannaire #1 with Tristan Cavers